Segment Type Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Cylinder

The ITH Segment type hydraulic bolt tensioning cylinder is designed for simultaneous tightening or loosening of a ring flange connection in one operation.

  • In accordance to the bolt spacing and the dimensions of the flange more ITH Segment cylinders can be used at the same flanges as a Segment cylinder ring at the bolt connection of the flange.
  • The segments are connected together into a hydraulic circuit and then connected to a hydraulic pump and then pressurised.
  • By using the parallel tensioning of all bolt connections you can achieve an even deviation of the pre-load of the bolt connection.
  • The precise tensioning with the ITH bolt tensioning cylinders remains in a lower risk of any leakage at the flange connection.
  • The/ bolt connection is sustainable and safe.
  • During the maintenance of the flange connection it can be opened and closed very easily.

More Information

  • Simultaneous tensioning of 4 or more bolted connections in one operation, available from M24 upwards.
  • Speed mounting concept, weight-optimized design, modular design, robust and ergonomic handles.
  • ITH safety concept including patented cycle counter and patented safety fracture device a high precision reduces the possible risk of leakages significantly.
  • Segment cylinder ring, depending on the flange dimensions and the bolt spacing several segment cylinders are combined into a segment ring.
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Segment Type Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Cylinder
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