F180-2P BO battery

To cut cables, catalysts, vehicle frames, metal sheets, aluminium and steel profiles, a solution made available by Edilgrappa is the battery powered F180-2P BO hydraulic cutter.

This is Hydraulic Cutter F180-2P BO Cordless made by Edilgrappa in Italy:

* Ideal for rescue/extrication operations
* Suitable for controlled demolition, vehicle decommissioning and specific industrial works

The Hydraulic Battery-powered Cutter F180-2P BO is the ideal cutting tool for extrication operations in combination with the Spreader.

Easy to use, lightweight and robust, it delivers a cutting force of 298 kN and a blade opening of up to 185 mm.

The high function autonomy is provided by the use of universal DeWalt batteries.

More Information

Blade opening 185 mm
Cutting capacity 24 mm diameter
Piston force 298 kN (30.4 t)
Cutting force 871 kN (88.8 t)
Working pressure 70 Mpa (700 bar)
Power supply Battery
Head rotation 180°
Cylinder Double acting
Weight 22.5 kg
Dimensions (closed) LxWxH* 832 x 262 x 283 mm
Dimensions (open) LxWxH* 817 x 280 x 283 mm


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F180-2P BO battery
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