Tehma MS250 Hydraulic Cutter

The MS250 Tehma portable handheld hydraulic shear cutter quickly cuts profiled metal structures securely, without dangerous splinters or sparks.

  • The duckbill blades are designed with a special geometry that allows to retain and push towards the center the object that is being cut, preventing it from slipping out.
    The interchangeable metal insert always ensures the best cutting performance and long life of the blade.

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Uses include:

  • Cutting of metal profiles and structure reinforcements (steel mesh, iron rods and rebars).
  • Cutting of pipes and cables of low and medium resistance (cables for telecommunications, electrical and submarine, decommissioning of nuclear plants, wire ropes).
  • Recycling of precious car parts such catalytic converters and mufflers.
  • Interventions in the presence of water and underwater demolitions.
  • Rescue interventions for the extrication of victims after accidents.
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Tehma MS250 Hydraulic Cutter
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