Tehma CS350 Combi Shear / Spreader

The CS350 Tehma portable handheld hydraulic combi shear spreader cutter allows to cut and separate profiled metal structures securely, without dangerous splinters or sparks.

The teeth on the tips ensures a firm grip on every type of object and structure that is intended to be separated or spread while the special internal geometry allows the cutting of reinforcements and iron rods at different heights for the best use of the blade.

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Removal of radiators and frames for doors and windows from walls.

Cutting of metal profiles and structures reinforcements (steel meshes, iron rods and rebars).

Cutting metal sheets and scraps.

Quick separation of blocks of reinforced concrete structures previously demolished. (by means of Tehma CC300 concrete crusher or Tehma SP400 hydraulic concrete and rock splitter).

Recycling of precious car parts such catalytic converters and mufflers.

Work in the presence of water and underwater demolitions.

Rescue interventions for the extrication of victims after accidents.

Use of pulling chains to increase the action radius of the tool.

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Tehma CS350 Combi Shear / Spreader
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