Tohnichi wheel nut tool | TW1000N

• TW1000N

• For tightening wheel nuts of large vehicles

• Re-tightening wheel nuts of trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, etc. (torque control)

• Tools requiring less physical strength

• Even for tightening centerlock nuts on the hubs of racing cars and sports cars (e.g., Porsche 911 GT3).



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• The TW2 series are large stand-alone torque wrenches. Tasks that generally require two operators can be done with just one.
• The built-in mechanism multiplies force about 3 times, making it suitable even for tightening wheel nuts on large trucks. Therefore, less physical strength is required.
• Adjusting tightening position is free by damper.
• The unique caster layout offers freedom of access to the job at hand.
• Less cost without any power source.
• Power source (pneumatic or electrical) not required.
• Torque checking and tightening can be performed easily at the same time with the SPINTORK ST1000N3.
• ±5% precision. Supports clockwise and counterclockwise operation. Patented.
• The TWMS-KIT is an upgrade of the familiar TW2 Series to TWMS standards.
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Tohnichi wheel nut tool | TW1000N
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