Tohnichi Torque Screw Drivers

There are two types of torque screwdrivers: signal-type and direct reading models.

Click type torque screwdrivers are used primarily for tightening. When the set torque is achieved, rotary slip prevents over-torque, and the hand feels a release of tension, indicating tightened-to-completion.

Direct reading torque screwdrivers are used primarily for measuring and inspection. They display numerical measurement values. We also supply Pokayoke (error-proof) torque screwdrivers designed to prevent human tightening errors.

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RTD series: Ratcheting mechanisim prevents over torque
RTD & LTD series: Torque value easily set with external scale
LTD series: Clicks at set toque value
AMRD/BMRD series: Low torque version of RTD
AMLD/BMLD series: Low torque verision of LTD
Both AMRD & AMLD supplied with special size bits.

RTDLS/RNTDLS series: With limit switch
RNTD series: Rotary slip preset version
NTD series: Preset version
RNTD/NTD series: No external scale. Torque value set using tester
RTDZ/RNTDZ series: Insulated designed suitable for electric car assembly and connection of battery terminal work

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Tohnichi Torque Screw Drivers
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