Alfra CompactFlex Manual Hydraulic Punch

Alfra Compact Flex manual hydraulic punch is the perfect device for punch-outs in very small or equipped contol cabinets thanks to its 60cm flexible hose.

Made by Alfra in Germany

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  • When it comes to punch-outs close to the edges of the cabinet, the Alfra Compact Flex® is showing full potential.
  • The Alfra Compact Flex has a punching force of 7.5T that is capable of punching up to 2-1/2″ diameter holes.
  • The manual puncher is a safer alternative to a saw or a drilling machine, because there are no metal chips.
  • The risk of a short circuit is thus minimized. The 60 cm high-pressure hose ensures full flexibility.
  • The loading is taking place merely in tensile direction. As a result, the punching process is connected with little effort.
  • With a high punching force of 75 kN and a deadweight of only 2 kg, the hydraulic punch is a lightweighted power pack.
  • The Alfra Compact Flex® is compatible with all common holepuncher types.
  • A precisely-matched overpressure valve and the reinforced soft touch handle are increasing occupational safety.
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Alfra CompactFlex Manual Hydraulic Punch
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