Capstan Winch - 1000kg Petrol

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Capstan Winch - 1000kg Petrol


Hire: Min: 4 hours $107.20
Day: 24 hours $134.00

Damage waiver and GST not included

Code: 300302


Ideal for pulling electrical cables through conduits, skidding out-of-reach logs, pulling boats out of water, hoisting contruction materials, and bringing down hung-up trees just to name a few uses!  

So easy to use - tie the rope to the object you want moved and wind it three (or four) times around the capstan drum. Turn the engine on, and the friction created by pulling on the rope pulls the object towards the winch.

  • 1000kg max pulling force
  • 12m / min pulling speed
  • Used with 12mm double braided polyester rope
  • 362mm L x 370 W x 360mm H
  • Various mounting brackets available including a tow hitch
  • 16kg unit weight

Note: Specifications are approximate, model & specifications may vary.

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