Ikura CW-2500LD Electric Cable Puller

For efficient cable pulling and installation, compact at 59 kilos but boasting up to 2.5T pulling force!

Load preset mechanism and anti-reverse feature ensure smooth operations and enhanced safety.

Stay informed with direct tension reading via the analog tension indicator, allowing you to monitor line extension status while you work.

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  • Winding Capacity: High speed: 14.7kN | Low speed: 24.5kN
  • Winding Speed: High speed: 43.5m/min | Low speed: 3.72.0m/min
  • Power Supply: AC100V 50/60Hz, Output: 750W
  • Outer Dimension: W450×L640×H300mm, Mass: 59kg

Standard Accessories:

  • Includes a convenient foot switch with a 1m cord for added control.

Pull heavy loads effortlessly with our innovative features:

  • Right-angle sheave allows operators to stand clear of direct force.
  • Audio alarm for high force warnings and automatic circuit breaker shutdown at maximum force ensure added safety.
  • Tapered capstan and guidance system provide better control when feeding onto the capstan.
  • Compatible with 230V 10A power supply and features 16.5mm mounting holes for concrete anchors.
  • Equipped with an LCD display for easy monitoring.


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Ikura CW-2500LD Electric Cable Puller
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