The PCW4000 develops a remarkable pulling force of 1,000 kg. By using a pulley system, you can go up to five times (5x) this pulling force.

Equipped with a powerful Honda GX50 motor this unit differs from others by having a rope grabbing system and clutches built it, the primary application for this unit is for hauling up a steep incline. The rope grabber allows the operator to release their grip of the rope without the load rolling down the hill, the clutch system allows the user to pause the haul without the rope continuing to spin and wear out both the drum and rope.

Not specifically designed for straight lifting for that application a PCH model winch can be specified.

Made in Canada by Portable Winch

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PCW-4000 Specifications:

Powered by the Honda GX50 4-stroke – 360 degree inclinable – air cooled 1.47KW – 2.0HP @ 7000RPM

Quick release automatic anti roll-back mechanism (ARM)

SPEED 13.4 m/min

Length : Unlimited
Pulling : Double braided with low stretch (not included)
Minimum Diameter : 10 mm
Maximum Diameter : 12 mm
Ideal diameter : 10 mm

Standard : 76 mm
Optional : N/A

Weight : 11.4 kg


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