SP45 Submersible Pump

SP45 is a professional 4” trash pump designed for pumping trash or very loaded fluids with a concentration of sludge in the liquid up to 20%. This unit can pump suspended solid bodies with dimensions of 70 mm.

Made by Doa in Italy.

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  • The performances are very high, with flow rate up to 3000 L/min and a water head up to 16 meters.
  • The pump body is constructed in stainless steel with polyurethane polyether shielding plates. These materials ensure unbeatable qualities of sturdiness, plus resistance to abrasion to impact and rust. Hydraulic function is an implicit guarantee of safety due to the impossibility of causing electric shock injuries.
  • The SP45 can run dry indefinitely without damage. It is ideal for the pumping of large volumes of clear and dirty water, for the maintenance of underground gas and water networks, against flooding and natural disasters in the disposal of biological pits and manhole de-watering.


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SP45 Submersible Pump
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