ST10 Pipe Squeezers

Manual Pipe Compressing Tool for 16mm – 63mm Polyethylene Pipe.

Made by Doa in Italy.

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  • The ST10 is a manual pipe squeezing tool designed for compressing polyetilene pipes, of gas and water, with diameters up to mm 63.
  • The vise is manufactured to ensure maximum ease of use and safety.
  • The sliding lever assures easy and effortless operation in any position.
  • The upper jaw features two rotating plates that have the function of gauges for avoiding excess compression and material yielding.
  • The five position indicator allows instant selection of the gauge depending on pipe diameters.
  • The lower jaw is self-positioning and is secured to the tool by a steel cord that prevents loss.
  • Fast, robust, easy to use – the tool does not require maintenance.
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ST10 Pipe Squeezers
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