ST225 Hydraulic Pipe Squeezers

The ST225 is a pipe compressing tool designed for stopping flow in polyethylene pipes for gas and water, with diameters up to 225 mm (9 “).

This tool does not have the typical limitations of similar tools that use common hydraulic bottle jacks for the compression action.

Made by Doa in Italy.

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  • The ST225 allows a slow reopening of the jaws at the end of the compression action.
  • The pipe tube can be damaged more in the re-opening phase than in the compressing phase because the rapid re-opening, typical of bottle jack type compression tools, causes the so-called “entanglement” phenomenon of the polyethylene fibers.  Rapid reopening does not allow the polymer molecules to return in order in the original position (entanglement) causing rupture breakers in the tube that often result in a break.
  • The ST225 avoids this possibility.
  • With exclusive features and robust components, the ST225 ensures the best results for this type of work.
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ST225 Hydraulic Pipe Squeezers
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