The PCT1800 is recommended for situations where a traditional combustion engine is not permitted or where noise is a factor. This electric winch, designed for lifting and pulling, is ideal for works to be done indoors, for pulling wire through conduits for example, as well as outside, for hoisting various equipment.

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This winch is also equipped with the progressive capture system (PCS). Thus, once the rope is inserted into the restraint system, the operator can activate the winch and initiate movement by simply pulling on the rope. At any time, he can decide to stop lifting and the load will be held in suspension, in complete safety. He can also use the winch to lower a load by disengaging the PCS.

Maximum pulling force with installed drum : 820 kg
Maximum pulling force with optional drum : 1000 kg
Rated lifting capacity with installed drum : 250 kg
Rated lifting capacity with optional drum : 250 kg

Installed : 85 mm
Optional : 57 mm

57 mm drum : 4.8 m/min
85 mm drum : 7.2 m/min

Lifting : Low stretch double braided polyester – unlimited length – eye splice and thimble mandatory for lifting applications
Minimum diameter : 12 mm
Maximum diameter : 13 mm
Ideal diameter : 12 mm

Weight : 27 kg

Private use : 2 years
Commercial use : 1 year
Engine/Motor : Baldor International Warranty

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