PCA-1264 Vertical Pulling Support

  • This winch support is expressly designed for vertical pulling with Portable Winch models PCH1000, and PCT1800.
  • It is equipped with an adjustable shelf and offers a solid and stable support allowing the winch to be properly seated.
  • It also has a removable “V” shaped pulley mounted on ball bearings, providing optimum rotation. This pulley redirects the rope vertically at an angle to reach sections of towers or pylons far from the center.
  • For winch model PCH2000, you will need to use the support PCA-2264 to gain the same function as the PCA-1264.

More Information

  • Although it was originally designed for lifting, the PCA-1264 can also be used for pulling when combined with the pivoting anchor PCA-1332.
  • This accessory therefore makes the PCA-1264 very versatile.
  • Note that when used for horizontal pulling; the “V” pulley is not used.
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PCA-1264 Vertical Pulling Support
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