Nut Runner Torque Tool EDS

Introducing the ITH Nut Runner Torque Tool EDS, an electric torque wrench that redefines precision bolting with its advanced features and multifunctional capabilities.

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Key Features:


Multifunctional Display: The ITH Torque tool EDS is equipped with a multifunctional display, offering an intuitive interface for easy input and management of all application data. This ensures a user-friendly experience and efficient control.


Comprehensive Control Electronics: Featuring comprehensive control electronics, the EDS provides precise control of the bolting process with automatic free-run torques. This sophisticated electronic system enhances accuracy and reliability in every application.


Power Ratings from 100 Nm to 13,000 Nm: The ITH Nut Runner EDS covers a broad torque range, with power ratings extending from 100 Nm up to an impressive 13,000 Nm. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of bolting tasks.


Various Versions: Available in different versions, including right-angle, torque-angle, and various control versions, the ITH EDS adapts to diverse bolting requirements. This ensures flexibility and optimal performance in various industrial applications.


Digital Documentation of Bolting Jobs: The ITH Torque tool EDS goes beyond conventional tools by offering optional documentation systems for digital record-keeping. This feature allows users to document bolting jobs digitally, enhancing traceability and quality control.


Operational Advantages:


Easy Input and Management: The multifunctional display simplifies the input and management of application data, streamlining the bolting process and reducing the likelihood of errors.


Precision Control: Comprehensive control electronics ensure precise control of the bolting process, with automatic free-run torques contributing to enhanced efficiency and accuracy.


Versatile Power Ratings: With power ratings ranging from 100 Nm to 13,000 Nm, the ITH Nut Runner EDS is adaptable to a wide range of bolting tasks, making it a versatile and reliable choice.


Adaptable Versions: The availability of various versions, including right-angle and torque-angle, ensures that the EDS can be tailored to specific bolting needs, providing flexibility in industrial applications.


Digital Documentation: The optional documentation system for EDS digital enables the digital recording of bolting jobs, fostering traceability and facilitating quality control processes.
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Nut Runner Torque Tool EDS
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