Izumi EP-60S Remote 60 Tonne Hydraulic Crimp Head

Izumi EP-60S 60 Tonne Remote Head Crimper

Izumi compression tools are used for applying compression fittings to copper, aluminium, ACSR and various other cables and conductors.

The EP-60S is a remote head that requires an external 10,000psi pump for operation. The removeable head and 60 tonne capacity allows the user to compress larger splices up to 1000mm2 aluminium or copper.

Portable & lightweight – industry standard unit in New Zealand

Can be used in any position with fully detachable stand. Large carry handle for ease of carrying

Accepts all standard 60 ton U-type dies, die adapators are available for using standard 12 tonne dies with this head.

Dies are sold separately.

Additional Information

More Information

Crimp Head
Aluminium stand
Steel carrying case

Jaw opening 38.5mm (between die faces)
Capacity 1000mm2 Al/Cu
Oil volume required 303cc
Force at die face 60 tonne
Weight 19.8kg without stand
Made in Japan

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Izumi EP-60S Remote 60 Tonne Hydraulic Crimp Head
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