Hytorc – XLCT

The XLCT is the world’s best-selling limited clearance industrial bolting system with over one hundred thousand in use around the world.

  • Since 1992, the signature red housing has represented quality, durability, and reliability on job sites in every major industry.
  • From the tallest roller coasters to the world’s largest bridges, the XLCT has the power to get the job done.
  • Torque Range 329 – 80143Nm (243.00 – 59110 ft-lbs.)

Additional Information

More Information

  • Lock-Up Release
    • Like the MXT, the XLCT features a lock-up release lever that allows you to release pressure after torqueing for easy removal. (also found on Stealth limited-clearance series)
  • Zero-Slip Ratchet
    • The XLCT series features a Zero-Slip ratchet for more powerful breakout and faster tightening. The secondary pawl inside the tool prevents the ratchet from turning opposite of the direction it is being driven.
  • Multi-Use Accessories
    • The XLCT series is available with interchangeable cartridges for 6-point hex, 12-point hex, allen drives, square drives, open spanners, and many other configurations to simplify the most challenging bolting jobs.
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Hytorc – XLCT
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