M2008 Heavy Duty Tester Kit

Hydrajaws M2008 Heavy Duty Tester Kit with built in digital gauge is used for testing a wide range of anchor types.

Having a hollow centre allows the operator to use a barrel and wedge system to test standard deformed rebar.

The portable self-contained M2008 Heavy Duty Tester meets the demand for proof load testing larger fixings up to 145kN.

Applications include:

  • High load expanding and resin anchors,
  • Holding down bolts for stanchion base plates,
  • Base plate fixings for column lighting,
  • Proof and failure load testing of most fixing types
  • High load expanding and resin anchors
  • Cast in sockets and channel
  • Holding down bolts for stanchion base plates
  • Base plate fixings for column lighting
  • Anchorage for crash barrier and safety fences
  • Anchorage for stadium crush barriers
  • Bridge parapet anchors

Made by Hydrajaws in the UK.

Additional Information

More Information

  • 0-145kN Dual Scale Digital Gauge compatible with the latest Hydrajaws App (detachable for calibration, reduces carrier return costs).
  • 2008 lightweight aluminium off set triangular load-spreading bridge with eleven height positions. The swivel feet offer 30mm of fine adjustment.
  • Load application achieved via a 24mm ratchet handle driving a hydraulic multiplier.
  • Spirit level to indicate the overall balance of the test rig.
  • 10mm eyehook installed for attaching a lanyard as appropriate.
  • The foam filler can accommodate four rebar adaptors.
  • Hydrajaws gauge calibration certificate (valid for 12 months)
  • Supplied in a wheeled robust carry case with telescopic handle and full operating instructions.

Kit includes the following adaptors:

  • 5 x threaded adaptors M20>M12, M20>M16, M20>M20, M20>M24 & M20>M30.
  • Imperial UNC equivalent threaded stud adaptors are available.

Optional Extras

  • Heavy-duty ringbolt clevis for pad eye load testing, large ringbolt and eyebolt testing.
  • Adaptors to connect to various sizes of rebar: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm & 22mm
  • A wider span load-spreading bridge allowing a maximum load of 125kN only.


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M2008 Heavy Duty Tester Kit
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