Wall Tie Tester Kit MK2

The Hydrajaws Wall Tie Tester Kit MK2 is used for testing all types of remedial wall tie. Trusted by market-leading companies, the Wall Tie Tester Kit is an essential tool for carrying out testing procedures in line with BRE Digest 401. Manufactured to exacting high standards, the Hydrajaws Wall Tie Tester Kit contains a small bolt tester adaptor and two threaded rod adaptors (M5 and M6) to test up to a maximum tensile load of 10kN. The three-legged load spreading bridge keeps reaction loads away from the fixing allowing results to be more consistent.

An appropriate adaptor is mounted directly to the tester.

The purpose of carrying out site tests on wall ties is either as part of a site survey to investigate the suitability of the base material for the use of a particular tie or during the installation of the ties to verify the quality of the installation.

Compatible with the FREE-to-use Hydrajaws Verify PRO App – Digital Reporting System when used with our digital gauge.

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  • 0-10kN Dual Scale rechargeable digital gauge compatible with the latest FREE Hydrajaws Verify PRO App (detachable for calibration, reduces carrier return costs).Turning Handle with 22mm integrated nut (for use in confined spaces)
  • Oil replenisher bottle with male hydraulic coupler
  • Hydrajaws gauge calibration certificate (valid for 12 months).
  • It is supplied in a robust protective carry case with full operating instructions.

Kit includes the following adaptors:

  • 4.5-8mm external wall tie adaptor
  • 8-12mm external wall tie adaptor
  • M5 & M6 threaded rod adaptors
  • 2mm & 3mm Hex key
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Wall Tie Tester Kit MK2
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