ITH Type ES hydraulic bolt tensioning cylinder

Bolt tensioning cylinders with one piston surface and automatic piston return for high bolting cycles. For applications with axially limited and radially free space.

More Information

Standard scope:

Designed for bolt quality 10.9: M16 to M150
Designed for bolt quality 8.8: M16 to M110
Special cylinders, customized designs for bolt qualities 5.6, 6.8 or 12.9 or further bolt qualities can be delivery on request.

Thread projection
The minimum of the thread projection of the bolt above the nut: 1.0 x d of the bolt (depending on the pre-load force; d = inner thread diameter).

Bolt Tensioning Cylinders can be used for the following fastener configurations:

Hexagon nuts

ISO 4032: Hexagon nuts (former DIN 934)
DIN 2510-5: Hexagon nuts
EN 14399-4: High strength pre tension able bolt connections for the steel constructions (former DIN 6915)
Heavy hex nuts
Hexagon nuts according to customer designs

Round nuts:

Round nuts with radial hole
Round nut with center holes
ITH Round nuts RMS /RMZ
IHF Round nut
Round nuts according to customer designs

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