Conductive Suit, Extra Large

Born of a need to let the lineman get closer to his work, EHV Barehand Conductive Clothing replaces hand tools on the end of 16-foot Epoxiglas ™ poles- the clothing is bonded to the conductor, placing the lineman within the field of electricity, not as a conductor himself, and allows him to work with his hand on the conductor hardware. Thus, transmission line maintenance efficiency and effectiveness are advanced without endangering the lineman and without interrupting customer service.

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For work on voltages through 765 kV, the two-piece conductive suit is made of a blend of Nomex aramid flame resistant fiber and microscopic stainless steel fiber. A Zepel finish is applied to repel water. Analysis and tests show the material: — is extremely strong and tear resistant. — meets or exceeds IEC 895 Specification for conductive clothing. — does not degrade with time or number of washings. Overcast stitching is used on all major seams for integrity, durability and resistance to fraying. Tails and appendages are attached by separate panels with multiple square and “x” stitches for integrity. Velcro pads are located on the strong nylon webbing suspender harness and the cuffs of the jacket and pants, to provide rapid versatile fitting. Corrosion resistant snap fittings on the jacket and pants make it easy to suit up. The large hood, with drawstring, fits over any standard helmet.

  • Each suit consists of pant and jacket
  • Nomex and stainless steel blend
  • Reinforced stitching at stress points
  • Perminant label with sizing and care instructions
  • Maximum resistance of 40 ohms between extreme points cuff to cuff (ankles and wrists)
  • Pant or jacket as a pair or individually are supplied in nylon storage bag
Weight: 2.9 lb
Weight Metric: 1.3 kg
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Conductive Suit, Extra Large
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