Trouble Shooter Kits

Multi-duty kit includes six 4-foot sections of field-proven 1.25″ Epoxiglas® Universal Pole that snap together.

Spring-loaded locking buttons permit uses at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24-foot lengths.

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Fitting on top section with thumbscrew accepts such Universal Accessories as those in Kit:

Aluminum Disconnect Head for opening and closing switches, opening enclosed cutouts, etc. has built-in hanger hook.

Non-Metallic Disconnect Head provides additional insulation for indoor substations where buswork and switches are in close proximity. 19″ overall length with 15″ long Epoxiglas section.

Clamp Stick Head for use with 6″ long eyescrew ground clamps has locking ring with detent ball for on-off operation. Aluminum alloy.

Tree Trimmer adds 1½ feet to reach with 3-to-1 mechanical advantage pulley and 25 feet of furnished rope.

Offset universal fitting on trimmer accepts pruning saw.

Pruning Saw with deep-notched teeth for quick pullouts attaches direct to top pole, tree trimmer or pistol grip.

Pistol Grip Saw Handle of aluminum alloy is for use when limbs can be reached and insulation is not needed.

Storage Case of yellow heavy-duty vinyl-impregnated fabric has separate pockets for individual tools and Velcro flap closures.

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Trouble Shooter Kits
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