AV28H Hydraulically Powered Ventilation Fan

Practical centrifugal ventilator/aspirator.

  • Powerful and easily transportable it’s used before and during operations in closed environment that could be dangerous or explosive like tunnels, basements, manholes, silos, large tanks, holds, wells, petrochemical plants, gas stations, mines, laboratories, narrow trenches, sewers, ducts, gas distribution networks, etc
  • Extremely light it can be inclined and used in different positions, can be used with or without the flexible hose, flexible hoses are needed when the air has to be transported IN or FROM a precise point, without hoses it can be used as positive ventilator blower to make a powerful and direct “air wall”.
  • The volute and impeller are in robust polyethylene and polypropylene materials invulnerable to water, rust and corrosion, the frame is in indestructible stainless steel.
  • Made by Doa in Italy.
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  • High power thanks to the hydraulic motor giving a high fan speed.
  • Hydraulic motor has no exhaust so can be placed directly in closed areas.
  • Absence of electricity makes it implicitly safe, resistant to rain and high water presence.
  • Quiet, no vibration, minimal maintenance needed, the volute and the air fan can be washed without problems.
  • Can be used in more positions or in the normal upward position or inclined on side or back to direct or suck air flow directly from manholes, sewers covers, hatches etc.
  • Can be powered from hydraulic power packs or from the hydraulic circuit of trucks, mini excavators, etc. Hydraulic motor is equipped with a safety valve to protect against excess hydraulic flow / fan speed.
  • Stainless steel frame with foldable handle and lifting hook for convenient handling.
  • The air hoses can be mounted on the inlets in just a few moments and without the need for tools thanks to the exclusive quick eyelet system.


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AV28H Hydraulically Powered Ventilation Fan
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