Portable Extraction Fan

For extraction of dangerous fumes, gases, dust, etc while people are working whether in buildings’ tight areas or in a confined space.

These 300mm Fan units are a high volume exhaust fan that can be used for both positive and negative air displacement.

High volume axial fan can be used as a ventilator, circulator or simple a fan

The outer casing is made of high density polyethylene and is designed for years of use

It can be used to ventilate welding and basement areas, for carpet and floor drying and cooling. Mostly we use these in confined spaces to remove toxic gas and pull in fresh air.

  • 300mm
  • 920 CFM
  • 7.6M Ducting
  • Motor Power 250w
  • Max Air Flow 1563cu.m/hr
  • Weight 13Kg
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Portable Extraction Fan
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