Alkitronic EC-SG Lateral gear series

  • Alkitronic EC-SG Lateral gear is ideal for bolting plate heat exchangers, e.g. in the food, paper, chemical industries.
  • High time saving during opening and closing as well as perfect retightening processes with absolute tightness are of utmost importance.
  • Reliable, low-wear operation due to continuous turning when screwing spindles or long threaded bolts.
  • Use of electrically or pneumatically operated screwdrivers depending on the application, torques up to 4,800 Nm depending on the type.

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  • Load-free, efficient work with short assembly times.
  • Fast and uniform assembly of large plate packages when using two or more screwdrivers diagonally.

Alkitronic specials:

  • Tailor-made models for comfortable working, perfectly adapted to every screwdriving application.
  • Long service life thanks to exceptionally robust motor housing made of die-cast aluminum or impact-resistant special plastic.
EC-SG 80
  • Torque range: 370 – 3.478 Nm
  • Torque steps in Nm: 10 Nm steps tangential gearing (AF 80) especially for use on plate heat exchangers brush-free synchronized motor (maintenance-free and low in wear) weather-resistant (protection class IP 54) suitable for all international networks (100-253 V / 45-66 Hz)
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Alkitronic EC-SG Lateral gear series
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