Alfra CompactCombi Manual Hydraulic Punch

The strong point of our Alfra Compactcombi is a 90 degree pivotable cylinder. The advantages: The construction ensures easy positioning of the device, even in small or fitted control cabinets.

Made by Alfra in Germany

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  • The Alfra Compactcombi has a punching force of 7.5T that is capable of punching up to 2-1/2″ diameter. Like all Alfra hydraulic manual punchers, the Alfra Compactcombi is equipped with a highly compressed cylinder surface. Due to a punching force of 75 kN and a dead weight of only 1.75 kg the manual puncher ensures user friendly applications. Just like the reinforced soft-touch-handle, making the puncher fitting securely and perfectly in your hand. The loading is taking place in tensile direction. AS a result, the punching process is noticable facilitated. The Alfra Compactcombi is compatible with all common holepuncher types.
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Alfra CompactCombi Manual Hydraulic Punch
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