Airtec Master 35 Impact Wrench Carrier

The Master 35® Tool Carrier is designed to be used with the Master 35® Petrol Impact Wrench but they can also be used with other power tools including the Maxim Pneumatic Rusty Clip Remover.

Using the Master 35® Impact Wrench, Accessories and Tool Carrier together reduces manual handling, is easy and quick to use, improves operator comfort and increases productivity.

More Information

  • Adjustable arm for use with different weight tools.
  • Can be assembled/dismantled in a few minutes without the use
    of tools.
  • Use vertically or horizontally by changing Accessory.
  • Main Body can be locked down for safe transportation.
  • Insulated Wheels.
  • Can be inclined up to 5°
  • Simple wheel brake
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Airtec Master 35 Impact Wrench Carrier
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