Upgrade your cable stringing operations with the state-of-the-art AFD155.11 Digital Puller-Tensioner. Engineered with a formidable 50 kN capacity, this digital hydraulic marvel is tailored for excellence in both single conductor and OPGW stringing operations.
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50 kN Capacity: Unleash unparalleled strength for efficient cable stringing. The AFD155.11’s robust 50 kN pulling and tensioning capacity ensures reliable performance in every operation.
Digital Precision: Experience precision redefined with advanced digital technology. Achieve controlled and accurate tensioning, elevating the efficiency and accuracy of your single conductor and OPGW stringing tasks.
Versatile Functionality: Adapt to the demands of diverse projects seamlessly. The AFD155.11 excels in both single conductor and OPGW stringing operations, offering versatile solutions for your cable stringing needs.
Smart Operation: Take advantage of intelligent features designed to enhance efficiency. The AFD155.11 streamlines cable stringing tasks, making operations more convenient and minimizing errors.
Operational Advantages:
Single Conductor and OPGW Compatibility: Effortlessly switch between single conductor and OPGW cable stringing tasks with the AFD155.11. It provides a versatile solution, catering to the demands of various projects.
Efficient Design: Elevate your stringing projects with the AFD155.11’s efficient design, ensuring swift and precise cable handling for increased productivity.
Safety Assurance: Prioritize your team’s safety with advanced safety features. The AFD155.11 creates a secure working environment throughout all stages of your stringing operations.
Seamless Integration: Engineered for easy integration, the AFD155.11 effortlessly fits into your setup, enhancing your existing stringing capabilities with minimal disruption.
Discover the excellence of digital technology in cable stringing with the AFD155.11 Digital Puller-Tensioner. With a 50 kN capacity and versatility for single conductor and OPGW applications, it’s time to elevate your cable stringing capabilities. Contact us today to bring precision and power to your projects.
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