Use the power of technology with the AFD1510.12 Digital Puller-Tensioner, designed to revolutionize cable stringing operations. Boasting an impressive 100 kN capacity, this digital hydraulic marvel is your ultimate solution for single/double conductors and OPGW stringing tasks.
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Key Features:
100 kN Capacity: Experience unparalleled strength with the AFD1510.12, featuring a robust 100 kN pulling and tensioning capacity to handle even the most demanding cable stringing operations.
Digital Precision: Harness the precision of digital technology for controlled and accurate tensioning, ensuring optimal performance in every single, double conductor, or OPGW stringing task.
Versatile Functionality: Adapt to the unique demands of your projects seamlessly. The AFD1510.12 excels in single and double conductor stringing, as well as OPGW applications, providing versatility in one powerful device.
Smart Operation: Benefit from the convenience of smart features, making cable stringing tasks more efficient and reducing the margin of error in your operations.
Operational Advantages:
Single/Double Conductor and OPGW Compatibility: From single conductors to double conductors and OPGW cables, the AFD1510.12 is your all-in-one solution for diverse stringing operations.
Efficiency at its Best: Elevate your stringing projects with the AFD1510.12’s efficient design, delivering swift and precise cable handling for increased productivity.
Safety Assurance: Prioritize the safety of your team with advanced safety features, ensuring a secure working environment during all phases of stringing operations.
Seamless Integration: Engineered for seamless integration, the AFD1510.12 effortlessly fits into your setup, enhancing your existing stringing capabilities.
Discover the digital evolution in cable stringing with the AFD1510.12 Digital Puller-Tensioner. With a 100 kN capacity and versatility across single, double conductors, and OPGW, it’s time to redefine your stringing operations. Contact us today to elevate your cable stringing capabilities.
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