Introducing the AF152.11 Puller-Tensioner, your go-to solution for seamless cable stringing operations. With a robust 25 kN capacity, this hydraulic powerhouse is designed for both single conductor and OPGW cable applications, ensuring efficiency and precision in every task.
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Key Features:
25 kN Capacity: Rely on the AF152.11 for its formidable 25 kN pulling and tensioning capacity, providing the strength needed for a wide range of cable stringing tasks.
Versatile Performance: Whether you’re working on single conductors or OPGW cables, this hydraulic puller-tensioner delivers versatile performance, adapting to the unique demands of each operation.
Hydraulic Precision: Experience controlled and precise tensioning with our advanced hydraulic system, minimizing the risk of cable damage and ensuring a smooth stringing process.
Durable Build: Built to withstand the rigors of cable stringing, the AF152.11 guarantees durability and longevity, making it a reliable asset for your operations.
Operational Advantages:
Single Conductor and OPGW Compatibility: Seamlessly transition between single conductor and OPGW cable stringing tasks with the AF152.11, offering unparalleled flexibility in your operations.
Efficiency Redefined: Boost efficiency in your projects with the AF152.11’s streamlined design, allowing for swift and precise cable handling.
Safety Assurance: Prioritize safety with the AF152.11’s advanced features, providing a secure environment for your team during stringing operations.
Elevate your cable stringing capabilities with the AF152.11 Hydraulic Puller-Tensioner. Discover the power of 25 kN capacity and the versatility needed for both single conductor and OPGW cable projects. Contact us today to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your cable stringing operations.
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