Wayco Reversible Torque Wrench 1/2″Dr, 72 teeth 20-100Nm (15-75ft/lb), ±3%. Display Window. L 445mm

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This Wayco Reversible Torque Wrench is designed to meet the demands of professionals in various industries, providing a reliable and versatile tool for applications that require accurate torque application and control.

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High-Quality Repeatable Torque Output:
The Wayco Reversible Torque Wrench delivers consistent and high-quality torque output for reliable and repeatable performance.


Reversible Design for Both Directions:
With its reversible design, this torque wrench allows for both right and left-hand tightening. This feature enhances its versatility for various applications.


Robust 72-Tooth Ratchet Movement:
The torque wrench features a robust 72-tooth ratchet with a fine 5° gear action, ensuring durability, precision, and smooth operation.


Easily Readable Dual Scale:
Equipped with a dual scale, the torque wrench provides an easily readable display of torque values in both Newton-meters (Nm) and Foot-pounds (ft/lb). This enhances user convenience and accuracy.


Additional Micrometer Scale:
The inclusion of an additional micrometer scale facilitates the setting of interim torque values with precision, allowing users to achieve the desired torque setting for specific tasks.


Ergonomically Shaped Handle Grip:
The torque wrench is designed with an ergonomically shaped handle grip, providing comfort during extended use. The ergonomic design ensures a secure grip, contributing to user efficiency.


Locking Button for Torque Setting:
A locking button is incorporated to enable reliable locking of the torque setting. This feature prevents unintentional adjustments during use, maintaining the desired torque level.


Factory Calibration Certificate Supplied:
The torque wrench is supplied with a factory calibration certificate, ensuring that it has undergone calibration processes and meets specified torque accuracy standards.


Includes Protective Blow-Mould Storage Case:
For convenient storage and transportation, the torque wrench comes with a protective blow-mould storage case. This case ensures the tool’s protection and provides ease of portability.


Quality Standards Compliance:
The torque wrench complies with DIN ISO 6789 and ASME B107.300-2010 quality standards, reflecting its commitment to meeting industry-recognized quality benchmarks.


Tolerance of Torque ±3%:
With a tolerance of ±3%, the torque wrench offers a high level of accuracy, making it suitable for applications demanding precise torque control.
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Wayco Reversible Torque Wrench 1/2″Dr, 72 teeth 20-100Nm (15-75ft/lb), ±3%. Display Window. L 445mm
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