SP55 Submersible Pump

SP55 is a powerful submersible trash pump with hydraulic piston motor and a 5” discharge port.

  • This unit is ideal for pumping large volumes of clear and dirty water, in emergency interventions in civil protection, in the military sector and in the movement of large volumes of charged fluids.
  • Made by Doa in Italy.
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  • Maximum capacity is 5500 L / min with water head up to 29 meters – pumpable solids 5.5 cm.
  • The particular impeller with cutting knives also allows cutting and pumping of suspended solids such as leaves, branches, algae, ropes or even large linear fibers.
  • The hydraulic powering offers a long series of safety, operational and performance advantages that can not be obtained from traditional priming or electropumps.
  • A typical application is that the pump is mounted on the excavator arm instead of the bucket, transforms the excavators into very powerful water scoops.


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SP55 Submersible Pump
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