PUC 1000 Cannon press

The FCS PUC 1000 universal bearing press is a semi-automatic machine to assemble and disassemble bearings or TBU from/to the axles for maintenance. Thanks to its composition of the basic machine, installation or removal interfaces and adaptor kit, this equipment can be used for any kind of axle, not only for the railway sector.

It is an all in one machine on a mobile trolley with adjustable cylinder height. All function are controlled by the machine’s controls and it’s possible to manually adjust pull and push forces showed by two gauges. The machine is designed to suit medium to high productivity in its installer function, and low-medium in its puller function.

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Model PUC 1000
Main power supply 2.5kW
Maximum operating pressure 400 bar
Weight 340kg

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PUC 1000 Cannon press
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