MP23 Ergonomic Rail Profile Grinder

The Geismar MP23 Metal Hornet Rail Profile Grinder grinds the whole profile of the head of flat bottom rails in only one operation, running surface, both sides and both radii.

Built for durability, the outstanding features and ease of use of the Geismar MP23 Rail Profile Grinder provide the operator total control, safety and comfort during the grinding operation, whilst delivering an excellent finish to the weld.

Thanks to the rotation system of the grinding head, the MP23 Rail Profile Grinder can work on the complete rail profile without the need for the operator to turn the machine.

Moreover, during the grinding operation, the operator is always located safely between the running rails. Regardless of the position of the grinding head, the engine remains in a vertical position.

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MP23 Ergonomic Rail Profile Grinder
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