ESN3 Modular Weld Shear

You are assured of a clean cut with the powerful Shear Hornet ESN3 thanks to an evenly distributed shearing force.

The cutting blades and guides are adjustable so you can optimize shearing of the weld.

Only minimal final grinding is necessary after shearing, thereby saving you time and money.

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More Information

  • Powerful: shearing force up to 220 kN is evenly distributed
  • Precision: cutters and guides are adjustable to optimise shearing
  • Profitable: final grinding is minimal to reduce costs
  • Shears both the weld and the mould in one continuous operation
  • 4 modular configurations:
  • HI: manual pump mounted on the weld shear
  • HS: shearing unit + separate manual pump
  • MI: integrated electric or petrol powered pump
  • MS: shearing unit + independent powerpack
  • (MS-XL : model for the grooved rail)””
  • Size: 900 L x 465 W x 360 H (mm)
  • Weight: 53.5kg
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ESN3 Modular Weld Shear
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