ATR Rail Puller

The ATR puller has been designed to bring together two rails on the same line, the ends of which are several metres apart when one of the two rails is fixed and the other is free to move.

  • Double acting hydraulic ram clamps on the fixed rail.
  • 1.5 to 3 m long cable (rigid rod on ATR20) clamps onto loose LWR.
  • 3 models break down into components portable by 2 operators:
    – ATR 6: 6 t for up to 120 m long LWR can be powered from the MPR rail threader
    – ATR 12: 12 t for up to 150 m long LWR
    – ATR 20: 20 t for up to 300 m long LWR
  • Double flow manual or motorised pump, ATR 6: 100 bar, ATR 12: 390 bar, ATR 20: 450 bar
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ATR Rail Puller
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