The Slingco Pole Band System offers a comprehensive solution for securing equipment to cylindrical or square wooden, metal, or concrete poles.
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Key Features:


Bolt Clamps and Mounting Plates: The system includes bolt clamps and mounting plates designed for secure attachment to various pole materials.


Banding Options: Available with 3/4″ or 1-1/4″ pre-cut stainless steel banding, providing flexibility for different pole sizes and applications.


Flexible Band Lengths: Packages with different band lengths make the system adaptable for varying pole circumferences. Measurement guidelines ensure proper sizing.


Aluminium Hardware Extrusions: The system features high-strength aluminium hardware extrusions, combining durability with resistance to corrosion.


Easy Attachment: Designed for ease of use, the system is simple to attach and tighten onto poles. Optional mounting plates facilitate quick hardware attachment.


Banding Tool Compatibility: Utilize banding tools such as the Slingco CPC8748 or CPC8780 for efficient and secure strap tightening.


Field Customization: Extrusions and mounting plates are available separately for on-site use with rolls of banding, allowing customization in the field.


Installation Guidelines:


Circumference Measurement: Measure the pole circumference and add a minimum of 6 inches, then select the next size up for proper sizing.


Mounting Surfaces: Suitable for mounting on cylindrical or square wooden, metal, or concrete poles.


Features and Benefits:


High-Strength Aluminium Hardware: Ensures durability and longevity while offering high resistance to corrosion.


Versatile Mounting Plates: Available with 2″ or 3″ carriage bolt mounting plates, providing options for different applications.


Stainless Steel Pre-Cut Banding: Options of 3/4″ or 1-1/4″ pre-cut stainless steel banding offer flexibility for various pole sizes and mounting needs.


Field Customization: Rolls of banding are available for on-site cutting, allowing adaptability to specific pole sizes in the field.
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