The Slingco Pole Puller is an indispensable tool designed to align with contemporary safe working practices, minimizing the risk of boom damage and significantly reducing the potential for personal injury. This easily assembled and disassembled pole puller system ensures operational efficiency and safety.

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Key Features:


Safe Working Practices: The pole puller is engineered to comply with modern safe working practices, prioritizing safety by minimizing the risk of boom damage and personal injury during pole extraction.


Modular System Configuration: The standard pole puller system consists of four pieces, and the deluxe system comprises six pieces. This modular configuration enhances the ease of handling and reduces overall weight compared to typical units available in the market.


Deluxe Pole Puller System: The deluxe system includes the pole puller pad and back plate weldment. The pole puller pad features studs that maintain the base plate in the optimal position during pole extraction. The back plate weldment incorporates angled teeth to enhance grip on the pole during extraction.


Low Point of Attachment: The pole puller offers a low point of attachment, facilitating the removal of even broken or cut poles with ease.


Performance Specifications:


Lift Capacity: Capable of a lift capacity of 50,120 lbs at maximum pressure, the pole puller system exhibits robust performance for various pole extraction scenarios.


Operational Advantages:


Efficient Assembly and Disassembly: The pole puller system is designed for quick and straightforward assembly and disassembly, ensuring operational convenience in the field.


Reduced Weight: The modular configuration not only enhances handling but also contributes to a lighter weight compared to conventional units, making the Slingco Pole Puller an agile and practical choice.


Enhanced Grip during Extraction: The angled teeth on the back plate weldment provide increased hold on the pole during extraction, enhancing overall efficiency.


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