The Slingco Pole Stand is a versatile solution designed for the seamless placement, removal, and storage of poles on your truck or jobsite. Its lightweight and compact design ensure ease of handling, while the swing-and-lock feature of the support legs simplifies movement and storage

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Key Features:


Lightweight and Compact Design: The pole stand is crafted with a focus on portability, ensuring it is lightweight and compact. This design facilitates easy placement, removal, and storage on both trucks and jobsites.


Swing-and-Lock Legs: The support legs feature a quick swing-and-lock design, streamlining the process of moving and storing the pole stand. This efficient mechanism adds to the overall ease of use.


Optimal Pole Positioning: Positioned at an optimal height, the pole stand ensures easy and safe framing operations. This feature enhances the ergonomics of framing tasks.


High Capacity: With a robust capacity of 6,000 lbs., the pole stand is engineered to handle the majority of wood distribution poles, demonstrating its strength and reliability.


Curved Cradle for Rotation: The curved cradle design allows for the safe rotation of the pole, facilitating proper framing positioning. This feature contributes to the efficiency and safety of framing operations.


High Visibility and Durability: The pole stand is designed for high visibility and durability, making it a proven choice for various work locations and environments. Its construction ensures longevity and visibility in demanding conditions.


Operational Advantages:


Efficient Handling: The lightweight and compact design, coupled with the swing-and-lock legs, streamlines the handling and storage of poles on trucks and jobsites.


Optimized Framing Position: By positioning poles at an optimal height, the pole stand enhances the safety and comfort of framing operations.


Versatile Pole Handling: With a high capacity and curved cradle design, the pole stand accommodates a wide range of wood distribution poles, making it a versatile solution for various applications.


Proven Durability: Designed for durability, the pole stand is a reliable choice for work locations and environments where longevity and visibility are crucial.


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