PCW5000 Portable Capstan Winch

The rugged design of the PCW5000 proudly bears the Portable Winch quality and durability signature; an ingenious product, built to deliver lasting power without compromise, everywhere. The winch’s capstan drum principle allows the user to pull a load over an unlimited length of rope, without loss of power, in a simple, efficient and safe manner.

The Honda GXH50 engine mounted on this winch is an industrial grade engine that will provide performance for several hundred hours.

The capstan winch concept allows users to pull loads over an unlimited length of rope, without loss of power, in a simple, effective, and safe way.

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The robust design of the PCW5000 makes it the Portable Winch benchmark for quality and durability: ingenious products, offering durable power without compromise, anywhere.

In addition, the PCW5000 offers two speed options thanks to the interchangeable 57 and 85mm diameter drums. You can choose the one that will be best suited to your task. The 57mm drum, that comes as standard on the winch, delivers all the power at a pulling speed of 12 meters per minute. For more speed, the 85mm drum (sold separately) will allow you to reach a 50% higher pulling speed at 18 meters per minute.


  • Maximum pulling force with installed drum: 1000kg
  • Maximum pulling force with optional drum: 700kg


  • Installed : 57mm
  • Optional : 85mm


  • 57mm drum : 12 m/min
  • 85mm drum : 18 m/min


  • Rope Type: Low stretch double braided polyester – unlimited length
  • Minimum diameter : 10mm
  • Maximum diameter : 12mm
  • Ideal diameter : 12mm


  • Weight (metric) : 16kg


  • Included : Polyester sling 60 mm x 2 m (PCA-1260)


  • Private use : 5 years
  • Commercial use : 1 year
  • Engine/Motor : Honda International Warranty


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PCW5000 Portable Capstan Winch
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