PCW3000 Petrol-Powered Pulling Winch

Born to meet demand for an even more portable model than the original PCW5000 winch, the PCW3000 Petrol-Powered Pulling Winch is nothing short of a technical wonder; delivering incredible pulling power, in the smallest size designed by Portable Winch.

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Coupled with the Honda GX35 4-stroke 360° inclinable engine the PCW3000 Petrol-Powered Pulling Winch will be your best companion no matter where your next mission is. Its capstan drum principle allows its user to pull a load over an unlimited length of rope without loss of power in a simple, efficient and safe manner.

In addition, a variety of accessories have been specially designed to carry it over long distances! The proven reliability of Honda engines, combined with the ingenuity of Portable Winch, makes the PCW3000 Petrol-Powered Pulling Winch a formidable competitor in the market.

It is so easy to use! The rope is consequently tied to the object to be moved and wound three (or four) times around the capstan drum. When the engine is running, the capstan drum rotates continuously and the friction created by pulling on the free end of the rope pulls the object.

    Maximum pulling force with installed drum (metric) : 700 kg
    Installed : 76 mm
    Optional : N/A
    76 mm drum : 10 m/min
  • ROPE
    Pulling : Low stretch double braided polyester – unlimited length
    Minimum diameter : 10 mm
    Maximum diameter : 13 mm
    Ideal diameter : 10 mm
    Included : Polyester sling 60 mm x 2 m (PCA-1260)
    Private use : 2 years
    Commercial use : 1 year
    Engine/Motor : Honda International Warranty


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PCW3000 Petrol-Powered Pulling Winch
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