Mitutoyo Dial Indicator 20mm x 0.01mm

20mm travel x 0.01mm graduations Dial Indicator fitted with a lug back
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Mitutoyo Series 2 Standard Dial Indicators: Trusted by Professionals Worldwide
Discover the industry-leading precision of Mitutoyo’s Series 2 standard type dial indicators, renowned for their versatility and wide-ranging applications.
Key Features:
Standard inclusion of limit markers and a bezel clamp for added convenience.
Customizable with the option to fit the bezel clamp and lifting lever on either side of the indicator.
Exceptional durability with secure adhesion between the bezel and crystal, coupled with an O-ring to fend off water and oil penetration.
Robust construction featuring a high-strength stainless steel stem, ideal for heavy-duty applications.
Enhanced accuracy with a carbide contact point.
Resilient design using stainless steel for the gear, ensuring high resistance to wear and deformation.
Crystal clarity with a highly scratch-resistant crystal.
When precision and reliability matter, trust Mitutoyo’s Series 2 standard dial indicators to deliver exceptional results across diverse industries.
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Mitutoyo Dial Indicator 20mm x 0.01mm
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