Mitutoyo Dial Indicator Series 3

Mitutoyo Series 3 Standard Dial Indicators: Where Clarity Meets Durability
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Key Features:
Large face diameter for effortless reading, ensuring accuracy at a glance.
Standard inclusion of limit markers and a bezel clamp for added convenience.
Customizable with the option to fit the bezel clamp and lifting lever on either side of the indicator.
Reliable in challenging environments with secure adhesion between the bezel and crystal, alongside the use of an O-ring to shield against water and oil penetration.
Designed for heavy-duty use with a high-strength stainless steel stem.
Enhanced precision with a carbide contact point.
Exceptional longevity due to a stainless steel gear that resists wear and deformation.
Crystal clarity maintained with a highly scratch-resistant surface.
Experience precision, durability, and clarity with Mitutoyo’s Series 3 Standard Dial Indicators.
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Mitutoyo Dial Indicator Series 3
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