Slingco presents a range of Mechanical Crimping Tools meticulously crafted to fulfill the diverse requirements of utility distribution service connections, whether on the line, pole, or home. These crimping tools are engineered to deliver reliable crimps for installing full-tension or non-tension connectors, ensuring secure and efficient connections in utility applications.

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Key Features:


Versatile ‘D3’ Groove Design: The Mechanical Crimping Tool features a ‘D3’ groove that accommodates ‘W’ style die inserts. This design versatility allows for the installation of taps, splices, and terminal connectors, catering to a variety of connection needs.


Positive Lock with Spring-Loaded Die Buttons: The ‘W’ style die inserts lock securely into place with a positive lock mechanism. Spring-loaded die buttons further enhance ease of use and ensure a secure connection during crimping.


Compatibility with Kearney Type Dies: Slingco offers a Mechanical Crimping Tool that is compatible with Kearney type dies, providing additional flexibility in die selection for specific applications.


Ergonomic Handles: Designed with user comfort in mind, the crimping tools feature ergonomic handles. This design not only enhances comfort during use but also provides maximum leverage for making critical connections with ease.


Operational Advantages:


Reliable Crimps: The Mechanical Crimping Tools from Slingco are engineered for reliability, ensuring secure and robust crimps in various utility distribution service connections.


Versatile Die Options: The inclusion of ‘W’ style die inserts and compatibility with Kearney type dies offer versatility in handling different types of connectors, taps, splices, and terminal connections.


User-Friendly Design: Positive lock mechanisms and spring-loaded die buttons contribute to a user-friendly design, making the crimping process efficient and secure.


Ergonomic Efficiency: The ergonomic handles not only ensure user comfort but also provide the necessary leverage for making critical connections, enhancing overall operational efficiency.




Die Compatibility: ‘W’ style die inserts for the ‘D3’ groove and compatibility with Kearney type dies.


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