KGT Tronic Multipurpose Road-Rail Loader

129 kW water cooled Diesel engine
2-speed Hydrostatic transmission 4WD
2 or 4 steering wheels
Dual pneumo-hydraulic brake circuit
Up to 30 t.m lifting capacity
Up to 7.2 m outreach
Full 360° rotation
Rail wheel drive by friction of the tyres on the drums without infringing the low obstacle gauge
Articulated rail device to accommodate track twist
Instantaneous electronic controls with screen for:
Limitation of the loads, rotation and height
Engine parameters – traction parameters – auxiliaries
Main controls ensured by joystick
Speeds: up to 25 km/h on rail – 26 km/h on road
On and off-tracking safety system
Spacious and ergonomic cab for 2 persons
A complete range of attachments dedicated to track works available

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KGT Tronic Multipurpose Road-Rail Loader
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