Izumi EP-100W Remote 100 Tonne Hydraulic Crimp Head

Diameter 200, Height 350mm
Ram Stroke – 22mm
Oil Volume required: 314cc
Force at die face: 980 kN
Weight: 32kg
Make: Izumi
Made in Japan

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The EP-100W is a 100 ton compression head for full tension, transmission and substation connections and requires an external double acting 700 bar pumping source.

Double acting means hydraulically advancing the ram to build proper tonnage, then retracting the ram.

This will expediate ram retraction time. Removable die cap design helps operator with easy insertion and removal of the connector.


  • Light weight
  • Removeable die cap for easy connector positioning
  • Simple design for easy maintainance
  • Double acting hydraulic pump required
  • Oil volume required: 314cc.
  • Dies sold separately


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Izumi EP-100W Remote 100 Tonne Hydraulic Crimp Head
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