ITL Insulated Groove Joint Pliers

  • Waterpump (Groove Joint) Plier with a max opening of 35mm.
  • Fully insulated, exceeding international standards.
  • Lifetime guarantee on tool and insulation.
  • Designed with high quality materials helping to prevent slippage.
  • Available in:
    10″/250mm Groove Joint Pliers
    12″/305mm Groove Joint Pliers
    16″/420mm Groove Joint Pliers

More Information

The ITL Insulated Groove Joint Pliers,  also known as Waterpump Pliers, are specialized tools designed for a wide range of gripping and turning applications. With a maximum opening of 35mm, these pliers are versatile and well-suited for various tasks.

Ensuring safety is a top priority, these groove joint pliers are fully insulated, surpassing international standards for electrical tools. This insulation provides an additional layer of protection, making the pliers suitable for use in live electrical environments.

Backed by a lifetime guarantee on both the tool and insulation, these groove joint pliers emphasize durability and long-term reliability. The use of high-quality materials in their construction helps prevent slippage, providing a secure grip during use.

Whether used in plumbing, automotive, or general applications, the Insulated Groove Joint Pliers are designed to meet the demands of professionals who require precision, safety, and longevity in their tools.

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ITL Insulated Groove Joint Pliers
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