ITL Insulated Tree Lopper

  • Designed to keep you safe when clearing foliage around electrical cables.
  • Smooth jaws help ease use and minimise wear.
  • Lifetime guarantee on tool and insulation.
  • Made using a unique injection moulded process.

More Information

The ITL Insulated Tree Lopper is a specialized tool designed with safety and efficiency in mind, particularly for clearing foliage around electrical cables. With its unique features, this lopper ensures a safe working environment when dealing with vegetation near live electrical components.

The smooth jaws of the Insulated Tree Lopper contribute to ease of use while minimizing wear and tear. This design is crucial for efficient cutting and reducing the risk of damage to the tool during operation.

Safety is a top priority, and the ITL Insulated Tree Lopper is fully insulated to exceed international standards. This insulation provides an additional layer of protection for users working in environments where live electrical components are present.

As a testament to quality and durability, the tool comes with a lifetime guarantee on both the tool and insulation. The use of a unique injection-molded process in manufacturing ensures the reliability and longevity of the Insulated Tree Lopper, making it a trustworthy choice for professionals working in the field.
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ITL Insulated Tree Lopper
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