Kelvin Kit ITL insulated Deluxe Tool Kit

  • Comprehensive ITL insulated Deluxe Tool Kit
    Presented in a durable hard fibre case
    Storage space for fixings and fasteners included
    Lifetime guarantee for each tool
    Exceeds international specifications for safety
    Ideal for professionals in electrical work
    Ensures safety and compliance
    Convenient and organized tool set

More Information

The ITL insulated Deluxe Tool Kit is a comprehensive and high-quality insulated tool kit presented in a durable hard fibre case. This deluxe tool kit is designed for professionals who require insulated tools for electrical work, ensuring safety and compliance with international specifications. The case includes dedicated storage space for fixings and fasteners, enhancing the organization and accessibility of the tools.

Each tool within the Kelvin Kit comes with a lifetime guarantee, reflecting the confidence in their durability and performance. These insulated tools go beyond international specifications, meeting high standards for safety and reliability. Whether you’re an electrician, technician, or professional in related fields, the Kelvin Kit provides a reliable and convenient set of tools for your insulated tool requirements.

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Kelvin Kit ITL insulated Deluxe Tool Kit
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